Watch For These Four Unusual Allergy Symptoms

Most everyone is aware of the most common symptoms of allergies. For example, if you have hay fever, then you are going to experience problems like headaches, sneezing, and a runny nose. Hives and skins rashes are also symptoms most of us recognize as often being allergy-related. But in some cases, allergies produce unusual symptoms you might not necessarily associate with an allergic reaction. This article examines four of these atypical signs that you have developed a sensitivity to an allergenic substance or product.  


Although you don't normally associate a dizzy spell with an allergic reaction, in some instances it is exactly that. For instance, feeling faint may occur because you are having a reaction to a substance such as pet hair. The hair can trigger a process that leads to inner ear problems, which in turn cause you to feel dizzy or light-headed. In extreme case, you may even feel as if the entire room is spinning around, a condition known as vertigo. 

Baboon Syndrome

One of the strangest allergic reaction is known as baboon syndrome. The condition causes the sufferer's buttocks, and sometimes other areas of the body, to turn bright red due to a rash. This reaction gets its name from the red hindquarters seen in baboons. One of the main causes of this bizarre symptom is an allergic reaction to antibiotics in the penicillin group. A sensitivity to certain metals, such as nickel and mercury, is another common cause. 

Black Spots

Almost everyone has had an unpleasant experience with poison ivy or poison oak. Typically, these plants cause red spots or rashes on your skin. Sometimes, however, exposure to either poison oak or poison ivy causes black spots to appear. This unusual color tends to happen when you have been exposed to the plant's undiluted sap. Fortunately, although the spots may look scary, they generally disappear without leaving any scars. 

Swollen Tongue

Food allergies can cause swelling in your lips and throat, but another, less common, reaction is a swollen tongue. A swollen tongue is not something that should ever be ignored, no matter what the cause. Because this condition may interfere with your breathing, emergency medical attention might be necessary. 

Allergies produce a wide range of symptoms, some of which are relatively benign, while others may pose a serious threat to your health. If you are concerned about an unusual symptom that could be allergy-related, contact your allergy specialist