Steps You Must Take After Getting Your Hearing Aid From The Audiologist

Trying to restore some of your healing abilities with the help of a hearing aid is not uncommon. However, if you are thinking that you'll just put your new device into your ear and never think about it again, you are mistaken. Here are some steps you must take when you first start wearing your device in order to transition well and get the most out of your hearing aid. 

Start Slowly

Instead of popping your brand new hearing aid into your ear and getting out in public, it is a better idea to be by yourself for a little while. It can be a challenge to filter out extra noise and hear the words and sounds you want to hear; when you are around other people or out among strangers, it isn't easy to make out the individual sounds you're hearing.

To help yourself get used to the new hearing aid in your ear, you may start listening to one thing at a time. You might listen to traffic outside your window or even talk to yourself to get used to your new device. Enlist the help of loved ones to set the tv or radio to a "normal" volume so that you can adjust the sound on your device accordingly.

Clean the Device Frequently

One thing your audiologist has likely already taught you is how to clean your hearing aid. However, you may not be aware that cleaning your new device can in fact help you to hear better with your device. Sometimes, ear wax can interfere with your ability to hear clearly with your hearing aid; in fact, ear wax has been referred to as the worst enemy of hearing aids and accounts for many hearing aid problems. It can cause crackling and other problems that might make you assume there is a problem with the device itself, especially if the wax is allowed to infiltrate the device and clog inner components.

To make sure this isn't an issue for you, be sure to clean your hearing aid on a regular basis with a soft, dry cloth.

With the information in this article, you can feel better about using your hearing aid and become confident about dealing with any challenges you might encounter. Be certain to check with an audiologist, such as those at RI ENT Physicians Inc DBA Hearing Centers of RI, from time to time so that you can get more ideas and pointers about how you can best make your new hearing aid work for you and your lifestyle.