Tips For Supporting Your Husband Through Infertility

Infertility is not just a problem that women have. It can also be a problem that men experience. However, it can be different for a man experiencing it because it is not as socially acceptable for him to talk about it with his friends. Women can talk more freely about their infertility and get help from their peers, whereas men tend to keep more of their feelings bottled up inside. Here are some tips for supporting your husband through infertility so that he can get the love and support he needs to process his emotions and get through it.

1. Make Him Feel Strong While Letting Him Feel Weak

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your husband knows that he is still "manly" enough for you and that you don't consider him any less of a man. There are many links in many people's minds between the ability to get someone pregnant and manhood. This can be very frustrating for you because you might not see the link and therefore not see your husband any differently. However, your husband might have taken his infertility as a blow to his self-esteem and might not feel manly. 

You can help your husband feel strong and manly by simply treating him well. Don't show your anxiety about conceiving during sex; instead, radiate confidence. Be there for him if he wants to talk but don't force him to open up. Just treat him with respect and show him that your feelings for him have not changed despite his infertility diagnosis. If you think it would help, even tell him directly that you don't think that he's any less of a man just because he has a lower sperm count. 

2. Get Treatment

There are treatments available for men who are experiencing infertility. These treatments include correcting any hormonal abnormalities that might cause your partner to have a lower sperm count and surgery to correct and block off any abnormal veins that might be negatively impacting the amount of sperm that your partner is able to produce. You can even correct any issues with the transportation of sperm to the shaft so that they can actually make it out with surgery. If these methods are not applicable or don't work, there are also assisted reproduction techniques that involve collecting sperm and injecting them into the egg more directly.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in male infertility treatment.