Why Legal Transcription Can Be Vital In The Health And Medical Industry

When you consider the health and medical industry, you may not consider the legal processes that go into it. In fact, you may not consider how someone like a legal transcriptionist can be vital to the health and medical industry as a whole. If you are a legal transcriptionist, or if you are a medical office manager considering expanding your administrative team, here are some reasons why a legal transcription clerk can be so vital in the industry and to a medical office. 

Integrating Legal Reports

When there is a murder or crime scene dealing with medical issues, you will have several reports regarding that issue. These reports can come from the doctors, nurses, and police officers who have handled or worked the scene. All of these reports come together and are transcribed into the medical and legal files of the victim and the assailant.  A legal transcriptionist can use their talents to work with the different voice notations and create an accurate transcription of the different logs of the case. These records are used for medical records, in the courtroom, and for medical insurance claims. 

Claim Requests

Some claim requests for medical insurance claims may be sent back due to the wrong code. These wrong codes could be due to a coding area in that department. However, another possibility is found within the transcript. If the medical terminology is not spelled right, it can read into the report as the patient having a totally different illness than what they actually have. For example, the doctor may have said hypotension. In the report, it may say hypertension. These are two different medical codes and two different issues. A legal transcriptionist can spot these issues and work as an editor that can help locate the problems and get the claim re-sent properly.

Report Editing

One key component that each medical file needs is proper editing. You need to make sure that there is a quality assurance check in place for spelling as well as information. A legal transcriptionist who also has a background in the medical field, can work as a report editor. They can locate issues in the report, correct them according to the original transcript, and insure the files are accurate. 

These are just a few of the ways a legal transcription can be vital in the health and medical industry. If you are a legal transcriptionist, consider expanding your work to handle health and medical clients as well. Depending on your previous training as a transcriptionist, you may need further medical terminology training. If you plan on working with specific medical and health clients, such as pathologists or forensics, you may also need training in those terminology areas as well.  

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