Abortion Is NOT The Only Option: Resources Available For Those Who Choose Life

Being pro-life is not always an easy decision. Choosing to offer your child life, even in a difficult situation, can be hard. However, there are resources available to help if you choose not to have an abortion. Whether you decide to give the baby up for adoption, or keep him or her, here are some of the options and resources available to provide assistance.

If you choose to give the baby up for adoption:

Traditional Adoption

Probably the most common alternative to abortion is giving the baby up for adoption. There are many adoption agencies and private adoption lawyers available. Some local charities provide adoption services to families in need, as well. Adoption provides a loving home for your child even if you are unable to provide that home for them, yourself. There are also foster and open adoption programs that give you the ability to watch the child grow up, and still have some contact with them.

Safe Haven

The decision to give a child up for adoption is generally made some time during the pregnancy, but in some situations, this may not be the case. Because of this, another option that is gaining popularity is the availability of Safe Haven areas. With this program, you are able to drop off a baby that you don't want or are unable to care for without the risk of persecution for abandonment. Some of these places include orphanages, adoption agencies, churches, hospitals, and police stations. However, the law varies from state to state, so make sure to check the availability of the place that you desire to entrust with the child.

If you choose to keep your baby:


If you choose to keep the baby, getting help early can be essential. One good option would be to find a Christian counselor to assist you in your pro-life decision. A caring counselor can walk with you through the pregnancy, help you deal with the emotional trauma of an unwanted child, and even show you how to cope with postpartum depression.

Financial Assistance

Sometimes, there are financial reasons for wanting to give up a child, such as extensive medical needs. Fortunately, there are programs available to help people in this situation. Medicaid offers insurance coverage for children of low income families, and requires that babies be given prenatal care, screening, and treatment of disabilities. WIC provides food for mothers and their children,based on income, and SSI or SSDI may provide a small monthly stipend to help you care for your child.

While the decision to be pro-life is not always the easiest one, it is the most loving, most rewarding, and there are resources available to help. If you feel that you are unable to keep your baby, or need extra assistance in order to keep him or her, seek help as soon as possible with companies such as Pregnancy Center Of Wayne County, and take comfort in knowing that there are options available, other than abortion.