You Can Recover from Type 2 Diabetes

You Can Recover from Type 2 Diabetes

Addiction Recovery Methods

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To a teenager, drinking or doing drugs at a party seems completely harmless. They are just doing what everyone else is doing, but they do not realize that they could be opening a door to misery. Adolescent addiction is something that is very real and can have a negative impact on the entire life of that individual. The best way to overcome an addiction is to never become addicted in the first place, but mistakes are made, and it is never too late to get better. There are addiction treatments that have been effective and should be considered. Here are different steps on how to overcome an addiction. Honesty One of the most important things that can occur is the person being completely honest with themselves and everyone around them. Often when going through an addiction, a person can become manipulative and secretive. Being completely honest with yourself involves admitting that you have a severe problem and that you need help. Be honest and admit that the problem is bigger than you can overcome alone, and that it is time to get the help that is needed and that can set you free from the torment of an addiction. Programs There are different programs that are available to those with drinking or narcotic addictions. Many follow a similar twelve-step process that, if followed correctly, can help dramatically. The steps that the program will include encompasses a great deal. It starts with behavior and addresses almost every aspect of the individual’s life. The steps include a great deal of humility and can be an aid in almost any situation.  Addiction Centers There are also professionals that can help a great deal. A rehab center is something that should be considered if the problem continues to occur, or if the teenager continually relapses. At an addiction center, there will be multiple professionals that are willing and very able to help. One of the biggest assets to a recovery center is that the drug of choice is not to be found. This guarantees that it will not be used. All the while the professionals will help the adolescent take a personal inventory and give guidance on how best to overcome the addiction. Therapy and medication are often used to help speed up the process. Do not ever give up when battling with an addiction. There are methods and many different people that can help you overcome an addiction....

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How Can Water Help You Lose Weight

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If you are overweight and want to start losing weight, then you may have heard that drinking water can help with your goals. The idea may sound silly to you, especially if you have struggled with weight gain for some time. However, water absolutely can help you. Keep reading to find out how. You May Confuse Hunger And Thirst The feeling of hunger, along with the other sensations and emotions you feel, are the result of hormones being released by your brain. When it comes to hunger, your body monitors the contents of your stomach and intestines as well as the length of time since you last ate. Also, fat reserves are monitored and hunger is triggered if fat levels drop. When the body indicates that there is a need for fuel, a hormone called ghrelin is released by the brain. You then feel the need to eat. While thirst does not involve the release of hormones, it does involve messages from the brain. Specifically, the hypothalamus is responsible for monitoring the amount of water we have in our bodies. When we need water, the brain causes us to feel thirsty. Younger individuals have fairly distinctive sensations that they can recognize as thirst or hunger. However, as you get older, the sensations become confused or muddled. Our thirst sensations diminish and you start to feel as if you need to eat when you really need to drink fluid. If you do not drink much water, then start drinking fluid when you feel hungry. You may simply be confused about whether you need water or food. This is often the case and a large glass of water can make you feel satisfied. Remember to drink throughout the day, and consume as much as six cups of water every day. Water Fills The Stomach If you have ever indulged in too much food, then you are well aware of the sensation that your stomach is full. This sensation of fullness is caused by hormones that tell your brain when you have eaten. Also, when your stomach actually starts to physically fill up, then this triggers a message from your brain that it is time to stop eating. Unfortunately, it takes a great deal of food to fill up your stomach and it takes some time for your body to tell you you are full. You can start with a partially full stomach though if you drink a full glass of water before you eat, and this can help with overeating issues. Since it takes some time for you to feel full or content once you start consuming foods and beverages, drink one glass of water about 30 minutes before you start eating. This will give your body time to respond to the partial fullness of the stomach. For more information, contact establishments like Mid West Fat...

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3 Reasons For Ankle Swelling During Pregnancy

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If you are pregnant, you may notice that your feet and ankles look swollen. Pregnancy-related ankle edema can range from mild to extensive, and in some cases, a condition known as pitting edema can develop. This condition refers to pitting or indentations that don’t bounce back after applying pressure with your finger. If your feet and ankles are swollen, your shoes may not fit properly, and you may also notice pain or limited mobility in your lower extremities. Here are three things that may lead to edema in your ankles during pregnancy and what you can do about them: High Sodium Intake While eating foods high in salt content can lead to swollen ankles in any person, the obstetric patient is usually more sensitive to the effects of sodium intake. This is because pregnancy hormones can alter metabolism and venous circulation, leading to fluid retention. To help prevent water retention caused by sodium intake, drink plenty of non-caffeinated beverages such as water. This will help your kidneys excrete excess salt from your tissues, including the tissues around your feet, ankles, and hands. Consuming too much salt can also raise your blood pressure. Hypertension is also thought to be another risk factor for ankle edema, and can heighten the risk for complications during pregnancy and childbirth.  Certain Medications If you take certain medications such as antihistamines to control seasonal allergies, or if your doctor has prescribed beta blockers to help regulate your heart rate or lower your blood pressure, you may be at risk for swollen ankles. These medications can cause fluid retention, especially in your feet and ankles. Pain relievers such as ibuprofen can also lead to swelling of your ankles, and may not be recommended during pregnancy, especially if you have pre-existing renal problems or high blood pressure. If you develop swollen ankles while taking antihistamines or beta blockers, talk to your doctor about reducing the dosage. Fluid retention related to medications is often dose-dependent, which means that lower dosages may be less likely to cause ankle edema.  Dehydration When you are dehydrated because of lack of water, your body perceives this as a threat, so it will hold on to every drop of fluid in your body. This can lead to water retention in your ankles, however, once you start drinking adequate amounts of water again, your kidneys will start releasing retained fluid, thereby helping to diminish tissue swelling. Drinking plenty of water not only helps resolve ankle swelling, it can also help prevent dizziness and fatigue, both of which are common during the first trimester of pregnancy. While ankle swelling is often considered a normal finding during pregnancy, severely swollen ankles, especially if accompanied by swelling of the legs, hands, and face, should be evaluated by your obstetric physician. The sooner the cause is determined, the sooner an effective treatment plan can be implemented to help ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and...

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How Senior-Care Services Benefit Seniors and Their Adult Children

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As people age, they begin to need more help with things, and many seniors end up relying on their adult children for help. If you are an adult child and are having a hard time managing your life and your relationship with your senior parent because your parent needs so much help, you may want to talk to him or her about senior-care services. Senior-care services are in-home services that can help your parent with normal daily tasks, and this will relieve you of a lot of stress too. Here are some of the ways senior-care services can benefit both of you. Your parent will receive the assistance he or she needs The first and primary benefit of hiring a senior-care service company is that your parent will have someone to help him or her with daily tasks, and the best part is that you can customize these tasks. When you initially meet with the company, they will ask you a lot of questions about your parent’s health and needs. From this information and from your input, the company will create a customized plan that will meet the needs of your parent. You can spend your time visiting instead of assisting While your parent will benefit by having someone around to help him or her, you will also benefit from this arrangement, and the benefits you receive will benefit your parent too. You will no longer have the responsibilities of performing all the tasks your parent needs help with. This will not only help relieve your stress, but it will also free up your time. When you visit your parent, you will get to sit down and actually visit. You will no longer have to worry about getting things done. Your time with your parent will be well-spent, relaxing, and enjoyable. This may allow you to reminisce more about old memories, or you may want to spend your time playing a game or looking at old photo albums together. Your parent can keep his or her freedom It’s also important to realize that senior-care services make it possible for seniors to keep their independence for a longer period of time. With these services, your parent can stay living at home, and the costs for in-home care services are much more affordable than the costs of moving your parent to a senior-living facility. If you are interested in learning more about the services provided by a senior-care company, contact one such as Paramount Parks At Eagle in your area...

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The Connection Between Bullying And Borderline Personality Disorder

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Bullying is a problem that is likely always to exist, but it is one that causes a series of serious mental health problems. The most serious of these involve various personality-based disorders, including borderline personality disorder. Understanding this disease and how it is developed from bullying can help treat it later in life. Bullying Can Cause Repercussions Late Into Life Bullying is a problem that often affects many children young in life and it can cause serious problems later in life. When children are bullied, their sense of self-esteem is severely affected. This can cause them to fall into a situation in which they feel weak and unable to deal with day-to-day life. Their personality may be seriously affected and fail to develop in a healthy way. These problems can continue to escalate and tumble on top of each other for years. This can quickly lead to early symptoms of borderline personality disorder and even the creation of it later in life. Bullying Contributes To The Development Of Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline personality disorder is a disease that causes a person to behave in unpredictable and unbalanced ways. Their emotional state is often highly linked to what people think of them and their sense of self is very unhinged and impermanent. As a result, they are likely to move through various stages of life and have difficult emotional experiences. Researchers and psychologists have stated that borderline personality disorder is typically generated early in childhood. The kind of physical and psychological pain caused by bullying creates a perfect breeding ground for the development of this problem. This is especially true if the person has a family history of mental health problems. Managing This Problem Treating borderline personality disorder involves a variety of psychological and behavioral treatments that identify the source of the disease and work to correct behaviors that contribute to it. For example, a person may undergo psychotherapy to pinpoint the bullying that lead to the development of borderline personality disorder and learn new behavior techniques. Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy are particularly important here. These treatments help identify behaviors and personal beliefs that contribute to borderline personality disorder and replace them with positive ones. This is a complex process that requires constant diligence. It is important to get borderline personality disorder treated as soon as possible as it can completely derail a person’s life. Treatment will help a person feel more confident, stabilize their personality, and give them the focus they need to succeed in...

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Going on Dialysis? Reasons to Consider Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis

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When most people think about kidney dialysis, hemodialysis quickly comes to mind. However, another option exists that may be more appropriate for you needs and situation. Consider asking your doctor whether continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) is an option. Easier Access For some people, hemodialysis can be a tedious experience. To gain and maintain access to the blood stream, a fistula must be created so the blood vessel can accommodate two large needles. One needle removes the blood so it can be cleansed by the machine while the other needle returns the cleaned blood to the fistula. Since hemodialysis must be performed several times each week, having needles inserted into the same area may contribute to scar tissue, making subsequent insertions more difficult. Although CAPD involves surgery to create access to the peritoneal cavity, once the procedure is finished and healed, patients can access their own catheter with relative ease. During the surgical placement, catheters are inserted into the abdomen, so when the cleansing fluid is inserted it can infiltrate the peritoneal cavity. A port is left outside of the skin for patient access. Discreetness Although home hemodialysis is an option for many people, CAPD may provide additional discreetness because you are not tethered to a machine. This also provides more freedom to work or engage in other activities while you are completing your treatments. Typically, people with peritoneal dialysis add a predetermined amount of fluid to their catheter and allow it to work for less than an hour before the fluid is emptied. You might choose to go to the store or go for a walk while you are waiting for the fluid to cleanse your blood. As long as you engage in sanitary practices to avoid contaminating your port, you could theoretically do treatments at the office undetected. Time Saving CAPD usually requires multiple sessions each day, unlike hemodialysis, which may be performed several times per week. Since each session of CAPD can be performed in less than an hour and can be done during normal activities, this form of dialysis may feel like it consumes less of your time throughout the day. During hemodialysis, each treatment session may last several hours, and this can make scheduling your life or work around treatments difficult. CAPD can also be time saving if you travel. Instead of trying to find a dialysis center for your treatments, you can simply take your treatments on your journey. In general, the health benefits associated with CAPD and hemodialysis are the same. Opting for CAPD when possible can make kidney dialysis feel less...

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Tips For Controlling The Inventory Of Medical Supplies

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If you work at a medical center, the last thing that you want to deal with is running out of a crucial medical supply. However, you might not have a thorough inventory control system in place to make sure that you are on top of your inventory. Here are some tips for creating an inventory control plan to make sure that you always have the inventory and supplies that you need. 1. Figure Out the Buying Cycle for Each Item A buying cycle is how often you purchase the particular item. It could be weekly, monthly, yearly, or something in between. You need to figure out what it is for each item and about how much stock that you need per cycle. Then, you need to purchase enough of that item so that you will be covered for two full buying cycles. 2. Make Bundles Take the entire shipment of each item and separate it into its two buying cycles. Join these together by tying them together or putting them in a box. Then, for each bundle, attach a reusable tag. This tag should have the vendor from which the item was ordered, the amount that needs to be ordered per buying cycle, and a rough outline of the buying cycle itself. Whenever this bundle gets used up, the second bundle should start being used and the tag of the first bundle should go in a box or an envelop that is marked “reorder.” Every week, someone in your office will need to go through that envelope and reorder everything based on the tags in it. This will allow you to get on a regular cycle for purchasing the supplies that your medical center needs.  3. Assign an Inventory Control Staff Finally, when you get the new shipment, be sure that the only person that opens it is a person on the inventory supply staff. Do not allow anyone to grab things from it. Have the inventory control person go through it and make sure that everything is there. Then, have him or her remake the bundles and reattach the tags so that it will be easy to reorder again in the future. For more information, talk to an inventory control system company, like Instant Inventory Service. They will be able to provide you with an inventory control plan and recommended technologies to automate your overall inventory control system. This will allow you to spend much less time on...

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Getting Your Teen Educated about Potential Consequences of Sex

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Many parents experience shock when they find out that their children are sexually active or curious about sex. Some parents go to great extremes to prevent their teens from engaging in sexual behavior. Many times they are shocked to find out that, despite their best efforts, their children still find a way to have sex. This is why it is sensible to have an open dialogue about sex with your teen. You do not have to agree with their decision, and you can offer solid advice to strengthen your disagreement. However, it is imperative that you equip your teen with information to protect them. The following are a few suggestions.  Oral Contraceptives Perhaps your teen daughter has expressed an interest in taking oral contraceptives. You may be in agreement with her decision, but a number of parents worry about whether or not their teens will forget to take their oral contraceptives. You could consider giving your child the contraceptives yourself at the same time each day. Another option would be downloading a birth control reminder app onto their smartphone. If your child exhibits a pattern of not taking their oral contraceptives as prescribed, consider an alternate form of birth control such as an intrauterine device.  Condoms Unfortunately, some teens think that condoms are all that is needed to prevent unwanted pregnancies. You should explain to them the fact that condoms can break. Also, ensure that your child knows that they should use condoms even if they or the person they have sex with is using another contraceptive. Ensure that they understand that condoms can reduce the risk of contracting STDs, but a broken condom could still place them at risk. STD Education Some parents feel awkward talking about STDs with their children. This is sometimes because they have never contracted one. You can use community resources such as a family planning center in your area to help you with STD education. They will likely have several teaching tools. For example, they might use videos, photos, statistics, and reading material to educate teens.  Hands-on Baby Training Some teens carelessly have sex because they do not think that they can get pregnant or impregnate someone else. There is also a disturbing phenomenon in some communities that involves teens trying to purposefully have children. A family planning center can set your teen up with a doll that has demands similar to a real baby. For example, it will cry, need to be fed, need to be changed, and nurtured. These lifelike babies can also produce reports to show if the teens taking care of them are “abusing” them. For example, doing things such as shaking, hitting, not changing or feeding, or throwing the dolls can be detected. You might also want to consider offering to supervise your child babysitting a young child in your community for free to give them an idea of what parenthood is...

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Tips For Supporting Your Husband Through Infertility

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Infertility is not just a problem that women have. It can also be a problem that men experience. However, it can be different for a man experiencing it because it is not as socially acceptable for him to talk about it with his friends. Women can talk more freely about their infertility and get help from their peers, whereas men tend to keep more of their feelings bottled up inside. Here are some tips for supporting your husband through infertility so that he can get the love and support he needs to process his emotions and get through it. 1. Make Him Feel Strong While Letting Him Feel Weak The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your husband knows that he is still “manly” enough for you and that you don’t consider him any less of a man. There are many links in many people’s minds between the ability to get someone pregnant and manhood. This can be very frustrating for you because you might not see the link and therefore not see your husband any differently. However, your husband might have taken his infertility as a blow to his self-esteem and might not feel manly.  You can help your husband feel strong and manly by simply treating him well. Don’t show your anxiety about conceiving during sex; instead, radiate confidence. Be there for him if he wants to talk but don’t force him to open up. Just treat him with respect and show him that your feelings for him have not changed despite his infertility diagnosis. If you think it would help, even tell him directly that you don’t think that he’s any less of a man just because he has a lower sperm count.  2. Get Treatment There are treatments available for men who are experiencing infertility. These treatments include correcting any hormonal abnormalities that might cause your partner to have a lower sperm count and surgery to correct and block off any abnormal veins that might be negatively impacting the amount of sperm that your partner is able to produce. You can even correct any issues with the transportation of sperm to the shaft so that they can actually make it out with surgery. If these methods are not applicable or don’t work, there are also assisted reproduction techniques that involve collecting sperm and injecting them into the egg more directly. For more information, talk to a company that specializes in male infertility...

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Think You Found A Lump In Your Breast? What You Can Do Next

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If you perform monthly breast exams, it can be extremely disconcerting to find a lump in your breast tissue. While this may cause you a great deal of concern and worry, there are steps that you can and should take before you jump to the breast cancer conclusion. Get to know some of these steps so that you can be sure of what the lump in your breast is and is not so that you can then develop a plan for dealing with the issue quickly and effectively. Have a Mammogram and Exam with Your Physician The first step that you should take is to call your physician and set up an appointment for a manual breast exam as well as a mammogram. A mammogram is a standard screening exam that provides images from multiple angles of the breast tissue to look for anomalies and anything out of the ordinary in the breast tissue. A mammogram will give your physician an idea of the health of both breasts and determine if the lump is isolated and whether or not it should be of concern. It is more likely that your breast lump is a benign cyst or clogged milk duct rather than a sign of cancer, but every step that you can take to find out more will help give you peace of mind. Get an MRI After a standard examination and mammogram, your doctor may feel as if you need more testing to determine what is causing the lump in your breast. An MRI, also known as a magnetic resonance imaging scan, can help you and your doctors to get a good view of the mass. An MRI is a quick and painless test that is essentially a high-powered x-ray scan that gives a detailed and multilayered image of the breast tissues. This helps to give your physician a better idea of how deep the lump goes, the type of tissue it might be, and an array of other information that different scans cannot show. Have a Breast Biopsy Performed Along with the scans, it will likely also be reassuring and helpful to have a breast biopsy performed on the mass in your breast. A biopsy means that the physician will take a sample of the tissue in your breast to run tests on in a lab. The sample tissue can be run under a high-powered microscope to determine if the cells are normal or not. A biopsy may be performed with the lump left in your breast using a needle aspiration technique or can be done after the entire lump has been removed from the breast. With these steps and options in mind, you can be sure that you find out what the lump in your breast is and how you should proceed as soon as...

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