You Can Recover from Type 2 Diabetes

Jobs That Require American Heart Association CPR Certification

Did you know that there are many jobs, especially in the emergency and medical fields, that require specific certifications to obtain employment? American Heart Association CPR certification is a valuable credential for individuals who work in fields that require them to respond to medical emergencies. In this article, you will explore some of the jobs that require American Heart Association CPR certification and why it is essential for these professions. Read More 

Why Legal Transcription Can Be Vital In The Health And Medical Industry

When you consider the health and medical industry, you may not consider the legal processes that go into it. In fact, you may not consider how someone like a legal transcriptionist can be vital to the health and medical industry as a whole. If you are a legal transcriptionist, or if you are a medical office manager considering expanding your administrative team, here are some reasons why a legal transcription clerk can be so vital in the industry and to a medical office. Read More 

Breaking The Stigma: Why Men Should See A Urologist

Urologists are medical providers who focus on the health of the male reproductive system and urinary tract. These doctors diagnose men's health issues like urinary tract infections and prostate cancer. If you've been afraid to see a urologist, you may be missing out on an important medical appointment. In fact, it's an appointment that could save your life. Why Are So Many Men Afraid of the Urologist? The answer to this question isn't black and white. Read More 

How To Decide If Body Contouring Is Right For You

Body contouring is a class of treatments intended to restore the natural shape of a person's form. The goal is to ensure that an individual will look slimmer and firmer. You might wonder if you're a good candidate for body contouring. Here are four factors to help you decide. Likelihood of Further Body Changes People often pursue contouring after their bodies have been through noticeable changes. If you've been working out and losing weight, for example, you might find that your skin isn't as firm as you expected. Read More 

Why It Is So Important You Seek Regular Medical Attention If You Are A Downwinder

While most of the events that affected downwinders occurred many decades ago, there is still a sizeable amount of people out there who suffer from the effects that this terrible tragedy caused. As a downwinder, it is essential that you prioritize your health and well-being, and that includes seeking regular medical attention, even if you don't experience any current symptoms. Sometimes symptoms can disappear for years on end, only to slowly come back when you least expect it. Read More