You Can Recover from Type 2 Diabetes

Three Ways To Stay Regular To Keep Your Hemorrhoid Symptoms At Bay

Having hemorrhoids might be uncomfortable, but you shouldn't be so embarrassed by this common issue that you don't seek medical care. Symptoms such as pain or itching, swelling and even the appearance of blood when you go to the washroom can indicate that you have one or more hemorrhoids that need attention. It's best to arrange a visit with your doctor, who will be able to inspect your body and determine how to help. Read More 

Are You An Athlete? Tips To Help You Avoid Sustaining An Injury

If you're an athlete, you've probably heard the old adage, "If you don't use it, you will lose it," many times.  However, you may not be as aware that using a particular muscle or skill can also result in losing it.  The statistics surrounding the number of athletes of all ages who sustain some form of injury are pretty amazing, and they serve to show that it is important to learn preventative techniques that can ward off these unwanted injuries. Read More 

Children And Medicine Safety While On Vacation

The family vacation is a grand tradition. When summer arrives and children are off from school, it's time for everyone to pile into the car (or even onto a bus, train or plane) and set off for distant parts and adventures. However, one adventure you definitely don't want to have while on your family vacation is the my-child-just-swallowed-my-pills emergency room adventure. That's why it's important to pack up your medicines carefully when you go on a family trip, especially if you are traveling with very young children. Read More 

Is Your Dog Ready For Doggy Day Care?

Boarding your dog at a doggy day care can be a wonderful way to make sure your dog is cared for and has fun as well. Doggy day care is great for dogs who don't like to be alone all day. It's also good for people who are visiting an area and don't want to leave their dog in their car or a hotel room while they're taking care of business. Read More 

Your Sluggish Teen May Really Be Fighting Diabetes

You have a teenager who spends all of their time in their room with video games or social media. They don't have an interest in being active and little motivation to do anything else. Before you write them off as just a difficult teenager, consider that they may be dealing with an early case of type 2 diabetes. A trip to your family practice doctor will confirm this, but here is what you need to know to help you communicate with your child. Read More