Pregnant This Summer? 3 Tips To Keep You Cool, Comfortable, And Healthy

Summer is a great time to get out and have some fun; unless you're pregnant. When you're pregnant during the summer, the heat can leave you feeling anything but adventurous and fun-loving. If being pregnant during the summer has got you feeling, hot, sticky and swollen, here are three tricks to help you feel more comfortable.

Stay Hydrated

When you're pregnant, you need to drink more water. That's even more important when you're pregnant during the summer. Dehydration can kick in fast, especially if you're sweating. Don't let dehydration turn into an emergency situation this summer. First, always keep a bottle of cool water with you. If you're going to be traveling, carry a cooler of water bottles in the trunk. Second, wear lightweight clothing. This will slow down the perspiration so you can prevent losing vital moisture through your skin. Finally, fill a small spray bottle, and carry it with you wherever you go. A quick spritz of water when you're feeling the effects of the heat will help keep your skin hydrated.

Avoid Swelling

Swelling can be a real problem during pregnancy. However, it can be even worse during the summer. Your fingers and ankles can be the worst areas for swelling. To prevent swelling in your feet and ankles, try to put your feet up a couple of times a day. You should also avoid wearing tight shoes, especially those that are tight around the ankles. To prevent swelling in your hands, avoid wearing tight bracelets during the summer. As your wrists swell, tight bracelets can constrict blood flow to your hands, causing your fingers to swell.

Beat the Heat

It can be nearly impossible to get comfortable when you're pregnant during the summer. Even an air conditioned home can feel like an oven when you're in your last trimester of pregnancy. To beat the heat, take a dip in the pool. Not only will the pool cool you down, it will also relieve tired muscles, and take some of the pressure off your pelvic floor, which is probably where your baby has decided to rest now that you're in your final months of pregnancy. While you're swimming, don't forget to lather on the sunscreen. The last thing you want is a sunburn.

If you're pregnant this summer, let these simple tips help keep you cool, comfortable, and healthy. If you develop severe swelling, headaches, or weakness from the heat, be sure to contact your doctor immediately. Visit a site like for more help.