2 Tips For Making Your Life Easier During Your First Colonoscopy Prep

As part of your routine physical, your doctor may have decided that it is time for you to have your first colonoscopy. After going over the instructions for the prep that will clear out your bowels, you may be wondering what you can do to make yourself more comfortable. If so, using the following tips to plan for your prep can help make your life easier while getting yourself ready for the diagnostic procedure. Read More 

Drug Treatment Options For Severe Back Pain

One of the most common conditions that pain management doctors treat is severe back pain. Before implementing a treatment plan, pain management physicians need to perform comprehensive examinations to determine the underlying cause of back pain. While physical therapy, therapeutic massage, and ice therapy are often used to help manage back pain, most pain management doctors also offer various drug treatment options. Here are some types of medications your physician may prescribe to manage your severe pain. Read More