2 Tips For Making Your Life Easier During Your First Colonoscopy Prep

As part of your routine physical, your doctor may have decided that it is time for you to have your first colonoscopy. After going over the instructions for the prep that will clear out your bowels, you may be wondering what you can do to make yourself more comfortable. If so, using the following tips to plan for your prep can help make your life easier while getting yourself ready for the diagnostic procedure.

1.  Plan Carefully What You Will Eat a Couple of Days Before the Prep

One way you can make your life easier while getting prepped for your colonoscopy is to carefully plan out what you will eat for a couple of days leading up to the procedure. As part of your instructions, your doctor most likely told you that you should stick to a liquid diet the day before the test.

However, any food you eat a couple of days before the procedure can still be in your bowels as you go through the prep. If you eat heavy foods before switching to a liquid diet, you will probably have a lot of cramping and end up spending more time in the bathroom.

A couple of days before the test, eat softer foods like mashed potatoes, rice, or pasta with no red sauce. As the day progresses, increase the amount of liquid food to help transition to the day of the prep.

2.  Come up with Activities at Home on the Day of Your Prep

Another thing you can do when getting ready for your prep is to come up with a list of activities that you can do at home. Once you drink the prep and it makes its way through your system, you will need to be close to a bathroom.

When planning activities, come up with things you can do indoors, such as binging on a show you have watched a few times and do not mind missing scenes. When the urge to go to the bathroom hits you, you will most likely not have time to get inside from the outdoors or stop to pause the show. 

Planning what you will eat and do a couple of days before your test can help you stay comfortable while cleaning out your system so that the doctor can get a better visual of your colon. Speak with your doctor to learn more about the procedure as well as receive detailed instructions and tips for your colonoscopy prep.