You Can Recover from Type 2 Diabetes

Treating Prolapses Of The Bladder, Vagina, And Rectum: A Few Options

Aging, straining to urinate or defecate, childbirth, and a few other symptoms can lead to prolapses of the bladder, vagina, and rectum. Not only is this terrifying to see and experience, but it can also cause multiple other health problems. Essentially, your rectum turns partially inside out, and hangs out the body. Your uterus can slide backward out of your vagina, and your bladder falls down and blocks your urethra. To treat these issues, here are a few options: Read More 

Three Steps To Supporting Your Friend While They Have An Abortion Procedure

When a friend is going through a hard time, it's not the details that matter. Being there for a friend when they need a shoulder to lean on for strength is the most important show of love and care. If your friend is going to have an abortion procedure, you may see them scared in a way that you have never seen them before. After a procedure, your friend will not be able to drive home, so they will need someone to go with them. Read More 

Pregnant This Summer? 3 Tips To Keep You Cool, Comfortable, And Healthy

Summer is a great time to get out and have some fun; unless you're pregnant. When you're pregnant during the summer, the heat can leave you feeling anything but adventurous and fun-loving. If being pregnant during the summer has got you feeling, hot, sticky and swollen, here are three tricks to help you feel more comfortable. Stay Hydrated When you're pregnant, you need to drink more water. That's even more important when you're pregnant during the summer. Read More 

Daily Work Commutes: 4 Signs That You Need A Hearing Evaluation

Driving to work everyday brings about a lot of routines. You will typically listen to the same type of stuff, encounter familiar things on the road, and go past the same sights everyday. During these trips, it may be hard to tell if you have trouble hearing. By paying attention to specific elements, you can tell if there are any hearing issues that you may be dealing with. If there are, then you can get a professional hearing evaluation. Read More 

Understanding Exercise Induced Asthma Attacks And How To Prevent Them

If you have an asthma condition, then it is wise to seek out asthma treatment from an allergy and asthma specialist. This specialist will likely work with you to pinpoint your asthma triggers so they can be avoided. Exercise is often a common trigger for both children and adults. If you have recently been diagnosed with asthma, then this may be confusing to you. Keep reading to understand why exercise can lead to asthma and also what you can do to avoid the issue. Read More