You Can Recover from Type 2 Diabetes

How An ICU Consultant Can Protect Against Organ Failure

Organ failure is always a frightening situation in any healthcare situation and can cause a person to quickly pass. Thankfully, an ICU and an ICU consultant can protect people against this danger and help them get through a difficult period. Multiple Organ Failure A Common Killer In ICU In a study of one ICU, it was found that half of the deaths in the facility were caused by multiple organ failure. Read More 

6 FAQs Regarding Breast Augmentation

If you are considering breast augmentation, you probably have several questions. This is a serious procedure that is often necessary for many women to gain the self-confidence they've always wanted. If you are going to undergo breast augmentation, check out these six frequently asked questions. How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost? Breast augmentation isn't cheap. It costs between $4,000 and $10,000. This price, however, includes all the fees, such as the cost of the implants, the anesthesia, the surgery, etc. Read More 

3 Steps To Take If Your Child Contracts Pink Eye

Children love to explore their surrounding with all of there senses, which is great for mental growth but also means that kids are constantly touching things and putting them in their mouths. This inevitably leads to the transmission of germs and illness or infection. Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, is an eye infection that is very contagious and easily spreads at day care centers and schools. Continue reading to learn more about what you should do if your child contracts pink eye: Read More 

Tips To Ensure Leg Prosthetic Comfort

If you have lost a leg due to an injury, infection, or illness, then you may be eager to start walking normally again. This likely means that you will need a prosthetic leg made for you. Many amputees find great success with prosthetic limbs, but there is one complaint that you will notice; the prosthetic limbs are not comfortable. Prosthetic discomfort is something that is constantly being addressed, so speak with your prosthetic specialist about advancements that can enhance comfort. Read More 

Three Questions To Help You Determine If Carpal Tunnel Surgery Is The Answer

If you're one of the 2.7 percent of the population that suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, getting relief from the symptoms is likely your top concern. While there are many non-surgical treatment options available for this condition, sometimes surgery may be required. Here are three questions to ask to help you determine if it's appropriate for your situation. Is There Nerve Damage? Carpal tunnel is caused by excess pressure placed on the wrists and the nerves contained there. Read More