You Can Recover from Type 2 Diabetes

4 Important Considerations You Should Know When Choosing Your Primary Care Doctor

Selecting a primary care provider is a big decision. For a professional you'll rely on when you require health and wellness advice, it's advisable to seek the help of someone you're comfortable with and can trust. To ensure that you're making an informed decision, here are a few important considerations to remember. 1. Check the flexibility of their working hours When you choose a healthcare provider who is close to where you work or live, it's easier to seek medical attention if you're unwell. Read More 

All About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be an important part of the recovery process after an injury. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy if they feel you can improve.  What Is Physical Therapy? Physical therapy is a form of healthcare. The goal of physical therapy is to improve a patient's ability to move and function without pain.  Physical therapy provides treatment through the following methods: Guided exercises Guided stretches Massages Hot/cold therapy Education Who Provides Physical Therapy? Read More 

Reiki: Can This Complementary Medicine Help You?

If tension, stress, and anxiety make it impossible for you to feel better after your medical treatments, ask a Reiki practitioner for help. Reiki is a complementary medical treatment used in conjunction with traditional medical care. Learn more about Reiki complementary medicine and how you can benefit from it below. What's Reiki? Even with the best medical treatments available today, the body can still experience things that prevent it from healing properly. Read More 

4 Reasons To See A Couples Therapist

When you are in a relationship with someone else, it is not uncommon for issues to develop over the years. When issues develop, most people try to work out those issues internally. However, getting outside help can be extremely beneficial to your mental health and relationship. There are some good reasons why you should seek out couple's therapy. Deeper Emotional Connection When you first meet someone and go on dates with them, you spend hours talking, swapping stories, and getting to know one another. Read More 

4 Delivery Methods for Compounded Pet Medications

Medications are used to treat a wide range of medical problems in domestic pets. Just as prescription medications can help humans manage their health, you can use specialized pet prescriptions to manage your animal's comfort and well-being over time. Many pet prescriptions come pre-packaged in pill form. Your pet may be willing to take a pill with just a little bit of coaxing, but it's not uncommon for animals to begin resisting pill medications over time. Read More