You Can Recover from Type 2 Diabetes

4 Reasons to Talk to Your Doctor about Your Period

Every women's monthly cycle is different, but there are some things that are normal for you that may actually be things to concerned about and that aren't normal for other women. There are some signs to take note of that you should bring up to your doctor, including the following four items. Heavy Flow: Although you may have a heavy flow that you are used to, you should definitely tell your doctor if your flow is much heavier than it usually is. Read More 

Need A Break From Foster Care? Respite Care Can Help

What happens when, despite your best efforts, caring for a challenging or handicapped foster child becomes overwhelming? In many states, you can apply for respite care that will allow you to take a break in order to regroup and recharge your energy. Before you make use of respite care services for your foster child, however, make sure that you take these steps. 1.) Decide which type of respite care will work best. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been a hot topic for many years. Some states allow it, some don't. There are many people who get benefits from medical marijuana, and others who may be questioning whether medical marijuana is right for them and what benefits they may be able to get from it. If you are one of these people, you may wonder what medical marijuana may do for you.  Lower Inner Eye Pressure Read More 

About Upper Back Pain From Whiplash After A Rear-End Collision

Are you trying to figure out why you have been experiencing upper back pain after getting rear-ended in an auto accident? It is possible that your back pain is a symptom of whiplash, which is common after a rear-end collision. This article will give you more insight about whiplash, its diagnosis, and possible treatments. The Cause of Upper Back Pain From Whiplash When whiplash develops after a rear-end collision, it is due to the strain placed on your neck from the impact of the other vehicle. Read More 

Varicose Veins: FAQs Answered

If you notice that you have enlarged, blue colored veins along your legs or other parts of your body, you might be suffering from varicose veins. You should know what varicose veins are, what causes them, as well as the different risk factors that might increase your chances of getting varicose veins. What Are Varicose Veins? Varicose veins are veins that have become enlarged, and usually show up on the surface of the skin. Read More