3 Anti-Aging Treatments You Can Get At A Dermatology Clinic

It is almost impossible to live in modern society and not notice the emphasis on looking young. When moisturizers and sunscreen are no longer enough to keep you looking youthful, it is time to visit a dermatology clinic. Fortunately, it is often possible to treat more than one concern in a single visit and a single treatment can dramatically improve your appearance.

#1-Consider The Chemical Peel

You may be surprised to learn that the chemical peel can be used on your face, neck or hands. In a single treatment, you may notice that your smaller scars look less obvious and that your delicate lines near your face and eyes are minimized. In addition, if you have wrinkles that were caused or worsened by sun damage and the hands of time, they can be similarly improved.

The chemical peel involves the placement of certain chemicals on the area that is being treated. It works by eliminating the top layer of skin, which allows the underlying layer to be showcased. Immediately after the procedure, your skin will be red and sensitive. Depending on the improvement that you want, you can choose from a light, medium or deep chemical peel, but remember that the more complex chemical peels will take longer to recover from.

#2-Perhaps Laser Treatments Are Right For You

Laser treatments consist of using a strong ray of light for 45 seconds on aging skin. By doing so, it encourages the rapid development of collagen, while evening out any uneven skin tones you may have. It can also improve any sun damage, if you were not always as wise about sunscreen and skin care as you are today. Your skin care specialist will make recommendations as to the frequency of laser treatments based on the current condition of your skin and your goals.

#3-Botox Is Still A Popular Choice

Botox is often one of the first options that people consider when choosing a new anti-aging technique. It can last from three to six months and works by relaxing the muscles that contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. Specifically, those muscles are paralyzed by the injection of Botox. It is important to note that Botox will help with fine lines and wrinkles, but cannot be used for damage caused by the sun.

In conclusion, aging well is easier than it was for previous generations due to the many options that are available to choose from. If you are tired of looking your age or would prefer to never look as old as your driver's license says that you are, it is time to schedule an appointment at your dermatology clinic to see what your options are. Contact a clinic, such as Desert Dermatology, for more information.