Step Toward Better Foot Health By Visiting A Podiatrist

If you've been letting foot issues change your habits, such as avoiding the beach because of embarrassing-looking feet or quitting jogging because it causes pain, it's time to take ownership over what has been bothering you. The first step toward a solution for your foot-related issues is often an appointment with your local podiatrist. Regardless of the problem you're dealing with, the podiatrist will be able to provide relief that can, in turn, boost your overall quality of life. Here are three issues with your feet that you might be experiencing and why a trip to the podiatrist will help.

Smelly Feet

No one likes the idea of admitting to having smelly feet, but if this condition is keeping you from wearing sandals or enjoying barefoot activities such as attending a pool party, you can benefit from a visit to the podiatrist. Feet can smell strongly for a wide variety of reasons; often, the problem arises because of bacteria or even fungus on your feet. Not only will your podiatrist determine the specific issue causing the odor, but he or she will also suggest some ways that you can keep the scent away. These solutions can include keeping your socks dry and investing in new shoes if your current shoes are old or smell poorly.

Toenail Fungus

Fungus on your toenail can cause the nail to change its shape and color, which can make you feel embarrassed. Relief can come in the form of a podiatry appointment. Your podiatrist will inspect the affected toenail and explain the reason for the issue you're facing, as well as provide you with a topical cream that can kill the fungus and restore your toenail's healthy appearance. You'll also learn about a number of simple ways to prevent the toenail fungus from coming back. In such cases, it's valuable to keep the nail as dry as possible, which you can achieve by going barefoot and changing socks when your sweat dampens them.

Callused Feet

The growth of thick calluses on various areas of your feet can make walking extremely painful. If you find that you're developing calluses more frequently than you feel is normal, it's a good idea to see your podiatrist. By noting the position of your feet while you walk, the podiatrist will be able to assess whether something about your gait is leading to your calluses. He or she will also look at your footwear to determine if you're wearing shoes that don't fit properly, which can be another common cause for calluses.