How Can Water Help You Lose Weight

If you are overweight and want to start losing weight, then you may have heard that drinking water can help with your goals. The idea may sound silly to you, especially if you have struggled with weight gain for some time. However, water absolutely can help you. Keep reading to find out how.

You May Confuse Hunger And Thirst

The feeling of hunger, along with the other sensations and emotions you feel, are the result of hormones being released by your brain. When it comes to hunger, your body monitors the contents of your stomach and intestines as well as the length of time since you last ate. Also, fat reserves are monitored and hunger is triggered if fat levels drop. When the body indicates that there is a need for fuel, a hormone called ghrelin is released by the brain. You then feel the need to eat.

While thirst does not involve the release of hormones, it does involve messages from the brain. Specifically, the hypothalamus is responsible for monitoring the amount of water we have in our bodies. When we need water, the brain causes us to feel thirsty. Younger individuals have fairly distinctive sensations that they can recognize as thirst or hunger. However, as you get older, the sensations become confused or muddled. Our thirst sensations diminish and you start to feel as if you need to eat when you really need to drink fluid.

If you do not drink much water, then start drinking fluid when you feel hungry. You may simply be confused about whether you need water or food. This is often the case and a large glass of water can make you feel satisfied. Remember to drink throughout the day, and consume as much as six cups of water every day.

Water Fills The Stomach

If you have ever indulged in too much food, then you are well aware of the sensation that your stomach is full. This sensation of fullness is caused by hormones that tell your brain when you have eaten. Also, when your stomach actually starts to physically fill up, then this triggers a message from your brain that it is time to stop eating. Unfortunately, it takes a great deal of food to fill up your stomach and it takes some time for your body to tell you you are full. You can start with a partially full stomach though if you drink a full glass of water before you eat, and this can help with overeating issues.

Since it takes some time for you to feel full or content once you start consuming foods and beverages, drink one glass of water about 30 minutes before you start eating. This will give your body time to respond to the partial fullness of the stomach. For more information, contact establishments like Mid West Fat Loss.