Tips For Managing Doctor Visits With Multiple Small Children

If you have more than one child under the age of five, you know how challenging it can be to do anything outside of the home. Visits to places like the doctor's office can be even more difficult because children often find the waiting tedious. The following tips can help you manage a visit to the family doctor while keeping your children relatively calm and behaved.

Tip #1: Schedule early

The longer the wait, the more likely it is your children will become impatient. To avoid long waits, schedule your appointment in the morning, preferably before lunch. You want your children to be fed and rested. Afternoon appointments tend to result in crankier kids or missed nap times. Plus, in the afternoon is when appointments tend to run later. If you can't do the first appointment of the day, then at least get in before lunch.

Tip #2: Schedule all children at once

Does the toddler need their booster shots and the baby is due for a six-month checkup? Great, you can schedule their appointments for the same time! When you are scheduling the appointment, just let the receptionist know how many kids you are bringing in and what visit they are due for. This way they can block off enough time for your appointment.

Tip #3: Corral the kids

It can be difficult trying to manage more than one child as you fill out paperwork. Place babies and young toddlers in a stroller or baby carrier. Older toddlers and preschoolers can be seated when you come in and given a special treat to keep them content and quiet, such as a tablet game, a new toy, or even a small snack. Not only does this make it easier to keep your hands free, it also prevents the kids from running around and tiring themselves out right before the appointment.

Tip #4: Dress appropriately

Clothing will have to be removed or lifted out of the way during the appointment. Although the doctor and nurse are there to help, you can still make it easier by simplifying clothing for the day. Skirts and dresses are a good option for both babies and toddlers. Clothing with crotch snaps also works well for undressing quickly. Avoid tight clothing, like leggings or difficult to lace shoes.

With a little planning, you can get your family in and out of the doctor's office quickly and with a minimum of stress. For more information, talk to companies like Choice Medical Group.