How To Decide If Body Contouring Is Right For You

Body contouring is a class of treatments intended to restore the natural shape of a person's form. The goal is to ensure that an individual will look slimmer and firmer. You might wonder if you're a good candidate for body contouring. Here are four factors to help you decide.

Likelihood of Further Body Changes

People often pursue contouring after their bodies have been through noticeable changes. If you've been working out and losing weight, for example, you might find that your skin isn't as firm as you expected. Especially as people age, their skin doesn't tighten up quickly with changes in their bodies. In terms of deciding whether it's time for body contouring, the important issue is whether you expect further changes. Someone who's losing weight but isn't at their weight loss goal, for example, may want to hold off until they hit their target weight.

If your situation is more stable, then contouring is likely a good option right now. Mothers sometimes request a tummy tuck after pregnancy, for example. Some mothers will wait until they're done with breastfeeding, though.

Specific Problem Areas

Contouring works best whenever you can target specific areas. The classic issue with a muffin top, for example, is usually a good case for contouring. You and the practitioner can decide what to target and how to do it. Likewise, you'll have clear expectations regarding the results.

Overall Health

A person's overall health will affect how well contouring is likely to go. Smoking and drinking alcohol, for example, aren't great for the skin. Consequently, people with those habits may not achieve as good of results or sustain them as well.

The ideal candidate is someone whose body needs a little push in the right direction. A person who has been working out and eating healthy can still find that their body doesn't quite cooperate with their shaping goals. For example, people often have areas of stubborn fat that never seem to quit no matter how many miles they run or how many weights they lift.

You don't have to be an Olympic athlete to be a candidate, though. However, the best results will accrue from body contouring alongside a healthy diet, exercise, and good sleep.


It is important to set expectations. Body contouring isn't a substitute for medical treatments to handle more serious conditions. It works best for folks who are dealing with localized and stubborn problems on their bodies, such as loose skin or pockets of fat.

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